15 years.


15 years ago my mother woke me up in the middle of the night. What was I dreaming of? I don’t know. Was it a good dream or a bad dream, I don’t remember. How did we get to the airport? I don’t remember. I don’t remember….

15 years ago I sat next to my mother as we were traveled by a contraption that I had never seen before that day. I asked her, “where are we going?” She said, “to meet your father.”

15 years ago I got off that contraption, stepped on a moving staircase that was foreign to me, met a father that I didn’t know I had until that day, and came to a country that wasn’t home to me.

15 years ago, just like many that had came before us, my mother and I came to a country that promised freedom and a future for all people. I left those that I had first loved, my family. I had left my friends. I had left what was home and came to America.

15 years later I have acquired a diploma, a degree, a citizenship, and the freedom to speak up when I see and hear injustice. 15 years later, my brothers from Syria and my sisters from Venezuela are being denied the opportunity that I was given.




More than 15 years ago, that very same fear denied my brothers and sisters who were forcefully brought onto this land the ability to vote. They were denied the ability to speak up when they were being mistreated. They were denied the right that we have all been given…be to treated as another human being instead of a foreign creature.

 15 years.


We have brothers and sisters who are being denied of more than just visas and a home. We have brothers and sisters who are being denied of the most important thing that humans need the most…LOVE.


Will YOU allow FEAR to CONTROL your perspective of your brothers and sisters who are suffering?




“God is our refuge and strength,  a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, even though the earth be removed.” ( Psalm 46: 1-2)
“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! The Lord of hosts is with us; The GodRe of Jacob is our refuge.” ( Verses 10-11)

There are moments in life when nothing can explain how you feel or what you’re going through better than a picture…a picture of what God is doing in your life. I saw took this picture a couple months back and couldn’t explain it for quite some time. Looking back that the very same picture, all […]

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I made a decision when I was 15 to follow Christ. I honestly didn’t know what kind of journey I was commuting to. I didn’t know what was going to be happening in my life. I’m 22 years old now and I’m completely shocked at the many different turns that my life has already taken. […]

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 Why do we so this? Honestly, guys why do we allow so many things that happens in our lives to happen. Okay maybe I’m confusing you a bit so let me simplify it: why do we allow what God has already told us we are free of to control our lives and manifest in out […]

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Hey guys! So I’m such a huge advocate of products that are healthy and works. It’s ridiculous the amount of advertisements that we all get bombarded with daily. It’s been about two months since I’ve a part of Advocare and I’m loving their products! I have always been really into sharing the products that have […]

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I love fall! It’s my favorite season of the year aside from Christmas. The weather getting crispier, the leaves changing color, the warm drinks that you can smell as you walk by every Starbucks, and the warm clothes that you get to bring back to your closet! Yes! Autumn is beautiful. There’s always so much […]

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This week’s quotes comes from Crowder’s newest album, American Prodigal. I have listened to the album all the way through and I instantly wanted to own the hard copy. I love how different Crowder sound on this new album and how diverse the album is. I could like the album because KB’s in it but […]

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I believe it was the morning of August 20, 2013 when I sitting in my Intro to Elementary Education Class when a thought began sprouting in the back of my mind. Within the next two months I began dreading the very class that I thought I wanted to take the most. I guess you could […]

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It’s officially my favorite season yet again! Praise the LORD above guys! I’m so excited for all the warm drinks, the sweaters, scarfs, boots, leggings, and coziness! I feel like this autumnal season is going to be one of a good one so Father please help us this season to grow nearer to you. Help […]

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Have you eve been asked by closest friends, “what are somethings I don’t know about?” Man, I don’t even know where to begin 😂! Maybe it’s because I talk so much I feel like I’ve already shared everything or…maybe it’s because there are somethings about me that I never wanted to share. Hmm…maybe the last […]

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