Recap: Cherry Blossom Festival

It's Cherry Blossom Festival time and I'm this year I'm even more excited than ever before! Maybe it's because it took longer than expected for the buds to blossom? Nope. I know why this year is special...this is the first year that I wouldn't be watching the festival, this would be the first year, I would actually be attending. 

Cherry Blossom 2018

Yes, it has taken me 16 years to finally head down on E Basin Drive and really go an take a look at what the hype is really about. 

Now mind you, I've never really been the type of person that joins the crowd. In fact, amongst all my friends, I think everyone can tell you that no following the norm is what makes me well...Abigail. But once you see these beautiful trees dressed in beautiful pink sakura you realize, this is truly something worth traveling for!  

DSC_0698 (2) (1).jpg

Though there was quite a crowd, the beauty of these cherry blossoms made us forget how difficult it was to navigate through the crowd. There were petals kissing my skin from my toes to my forehead. It seemed like the Japan was showering me with good luck and fortune as I was being guided to a spot that would make anyone forget that they were in one of the busiest cities in the world. 

Everyone was filled with joy around us and we could hear the children laughing with their parents behind us as we finally got settled to take pictures. Though I could go on talking about how much I enjoyed the festival, I believe the pictures speak for themselves.

DSC_0727 (2).jpg
DSC_0717 (2).jpg
Coat: H&M

Coat: H&M

As always, here are some recommendations for you when you come to the Cherry Blossom Festival: 

  • Do wear something comfy. We all want to look cute and take pictures but seriously, layer up. Cherry Blossom Festival is always at the beginning of spring and that means the weather around here is unpredictable.
  • Do bring you phone. We got some amazing pictures with our camera but my iPhone did come in handy when we just wanted to quick pictures.
  • Do Not block people's path because you want to stop and take pictures. I think this is person pet peeve but I've got to put this out there: your pictures will turn out better if there's less people around you. There are areas not directly bordering the basin where you wouldn't be bothered and people wouldn't be in your shots. 
  • Do go on a Sunday. Parking is free and there are less people in the evening! 
  • Do Not wear white pants. I was really toying with wearing an all white outfit and I'm so glad I didn't! The ground is patchy when you're off the path and you don't want dirt to get on your nice clothes. 
  • Do go in the afternoon to evening! The sunlight was perfect and the crowd was leaving. The likelihood of you getting the best shots is higher. 
  • Do Not stay in D.C. Let me do you a favor and let you know right off the bat, stay in the neighbouring cities/counties like Alexandria, Arlington, Shirlington, Fairfax, and even part of Maryland. Your hotel room will be cheaper and still nice. 
  • Do book at least three months ahead of time! This is a popular festival so the earlier you book the less you'll spend on your stay. If you're a student, make sure to check with Student Universe first!
  • Do Not stay near the festival if it's too crowded. The Capitol is filled with beautiful spots that will be less crowded and not as expensive! This will be your time to save big on places you've always wanted to see!

If You're Bringing Children:

  • After going through this, I highly recommend if your attending the festival with children to stay in the area closest to the Washington Monument because it's literally a park filled with cherry blossoms. The children will enjoy being away from the crowd and just getting the opportunity to play. 
  • Sneakers will be your best friend. There's plenty of dust and dirt around and kids love getting messy. A pair of old sneakers will come in handy. 
  • Skip the crowd and aim for the Jefferson Memorial. This way the kid's don't have to get too dirty and you can still enjoy the festival with little to no people crowding around you.

- 🌸 Abigail