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Cozy and Delicious: Busboys and Poets

Privacy is a luxury[…]

One of the perks of having a fantastic support system is how understanding, patient, compassionate, honest, and vulnerable they are. I mean, being able to spend time with one another and share our struggles and accomplishments while respecting and cheering each other on is priceless. Having a wonderful group of humans around you should be celebrated, and I've come to learn that I do that best when I take my loved ones on personalized dates. Recently, one of my ladies and I decided that we should take each other on a date. So we did. […]

If you're a lover of intimate family settings where everyone is in a positive mood and is comfortable and relaxed then Busboys and Poets need to be on your list of favorite restaurants in Northern Virginia.

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Manhattan in 10 hours

Have you ever liked something that makes no sense to anyone else but you and explaining it is nearly impossible? You know what I'm talking about right? That one type of food (I'm always thinking about food), that brand, that book, those shoes in your closet that you refuse to not wear everywhere you go? 💡! You've got that thing in you head now? Now think about how much you just like it and how it's just an irrational love you have, almost like a guilty pleasure.

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