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For the Love of Korean Bbq: I Think I Just Fell in Love

For as long as I remember, I would declare to my friends and family that I would probably become a nun (do they even nondenominational nuns? Can someone figure that out for me? I'm going to google it on the side while I talk with yall). I honestly believe this may happen so don't say that I didn't tell yall. I mean come on, I'm over here already married to Jesus and if I could get married it would probably to food so...oh well.

Speaking of food, I have to tell you guys about an obsession I have been hiding from yall…

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Pho For The Morning After

One of the most difficult thing that either makes or breaks pho for me is the flavor (which is a must), the portion ratio (especially when I request for a dish that is supposed to be load with meat), the options of sauces, and types of sauced that are available. I think that this is a wonderful place to add to your stops when you’re in Adams Morgan, especially an eventual night 😏.

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Let's Brüt About It

The food is phenomenal😆 but what takes the cake 🎂is the amazing wine selection. Typically when I go to a restaurant, I'll ask the waiter for a recommendation and get an okay suggestion but not here. Dustin and my waiter both helped me select not just a wine of my choice but a meal that complemented my drink perfectly!

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Falafel Inc: Good for you, your wallet, and another person

The items on the menu don't surpass $10 and you get unlimited sauces! Healthy, cheap, and delicious?! I know it sounds way too good to be true but it gets even better. The customer service! This is something that even really dictates if I'm going to recommend a place for you guys and trust me when I say, wonderful customer service! From the cashier to everyone working in the back of the house, they all have a smile on their face when they interact with you. You can even tell with their interactions with one another that they get along with each other too! 

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