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On Sundays We Have Pho

I have a problem😳. I have a pho problem guys🏳️. I don't know whether I want to get cured for this or continue to let it linger until I cannot take it any longer.

From my previous post about pho, it is no surprise that I love the delicious warm soup made with flavored and preserved timely and filled with rice noodles and the occasional proteins. Seeing that I have been on the hunt to find all the fantastic pho shops in the DMV, I wanted to share with you all one of my newest favorite spots. Funny, this place was right underneath my nose.

Sunday at Saigon is not what I expected it to be. I had heard many of my acquaintance mention coming to dinner here, it wasn't until I met up with one of my closest friends for dinner that I was able to understand what all the hype was about.

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Cozy and Delicious: Busboys and Poets

Privacy is a luxury[…]

One of the perks of having a fantastic support system is how understanding, patient, compassionate, honest, and vulnerable they are. I mean, being able to spend time with one another and share our struggles and accomplishments while respecting and cheering each other on is priceless. Having a wonderful group of humans around you should be celebrated, and I've come to learn that I do that best when I take my loved ones on personalized dates. Recently, one of my ladies and I decided that we should take each other on a date. So we did. […]

If you're a lover of intimate family settings where everyone is in a positive mood and is comfortable and relaxed then Busboys and Poets need to be on your list of favorite restaurants in Northern Virginia.

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For the Love of Korean Bbq: I Think I Just Fell in Love

For as long as I remember, I would declare to my friends and family that I would probably become a nun (do they even nondenominational nuns? Can someone figure that out for me? I'm going to google it on the side while I talk with yall). I honestly believe this may happen so don't say that I didn't tell yall. I mean come on, I'm over here already married to Jesus and if I could get married it would probably to food so...oh well.

Speaking of food, I have to tell you guys about an obsession I have been hiding from yall…

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Pho For The Morning After

One of the most difficult thing that either makes or breaks pho for me is the flavor (which is a must), the portion ratio (especially when I request for a dish that is supposed to be load with meat), the options of sauces, and types of sauced that are available. I think that this is a wonderful place to add to your stops when you’re in Adams Morgan, especially an eventual night 😏.

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Real People + Real Food = Happy Me😋!

One of the struggles for those who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle is that it’s difficult to say yes when people invite you out for meals. If you’re anything like me, then you know what it’s like to go out and not order anything because you don’t trust where the food is coming from but you don’t want to be rude. So imagine the sense of relief and excitement I felt when finding out about this place! I love how easy and affordable Bon Vivant has made it live a healthy lifestyle even when you go out.

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Let's Brüt About It

The food is phenomenal😆 but what takes the cake 🎂is the amazing wine selection. Typically when I go to a restaurant, I'll ask the waiter for a recommendation and get an okay suggestion but not here. Dustin and my waiter both helped me select not just a wine of my choice but a meal that complemented my drink perfectly!

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