Here's to the Real Ones

What a journey it’s been.


As the clock keeps ticking and the sunsets on the last of before I turn 24, I feel a sense of excitement. No, it's not excitement for getting older (in fact I've been anxious about aging and telling people that I'm a quarter of a century now). No, it's not because it's my birthday (I've never really been one to the hype of the event as much as the meaning). The excitement that has been residing in the core of my soul has brought curiosity and deep self-reflection.

Someone once told me that as you get older, birthdays begin to take on a different meaning. I'm starting to get it now.

I'm sitting here trying to figure out what turning 25 means to me, and words like growth, amplify, identification, meaning, worth, and internal communication have been flooding my mind.

As I look towards this new chapter, I'm filled with excitement and anticipation (though, I'm still freaking out about getting older and have been since my 20th birthday). The feeling of what God is about to do is overwhelming, yet exactly what I need. It amazes me that I have been blessed to live on this earth, encounter the most beautiful souls, and experience moments that have been nothing short of rewarding. How blessed am I?

While, I could ask for gifts left and right, and make this day about how to celebrate me, I don't want to because it doesn't please me. See, as the days got closer to August 30th, the more I realized that my birthday isn't about me. The day of my birth should be a celebration of the people who have brought me here. Those who have poured their souls out and connected with me are the ones worth celebrating the most.

So this year, I want to celebrate my mother, my father, my brother, all my family members, my mentors, my closest friends, and every person who has ever been a part of my journey. It's due to these beautiful souls that I could grow into the woman that I am at this moment as I'm typing this message to you. These are the real MVPs of my story. From joining in with my laughter to sitting and being patient with me through my darkest moments, these are the people who I know deserve the level of gratitude and love that we give on birthdays.

25, how are you going to be like? If this new chapter is anything like the fantastic years that's come before it, then I know without a doubt that 25 is going to be the dopest year yet.

Here's to everyone I've ever met and ever-connected with. Here's to growth and love. Here's to a chapter that God has been waiting for me to experience since the beginning of time. Let's do this thing.

Until next time...

- 🌿 Abigail