Manhattan in 10 hours


Have you ever liked something that makes no sense to anyone else but you and explaining it is nearly impossible? You know what I'm talking about right? That one type of food (I'm always thinking about food), that brand, that book, those shoes in your closet that you refuse to not wear everywhere you go? 💡! You've got that thing in you head now? Now think about how much you just like it and how it's just an irrational love you have, almost like a guilty pleasure. 


That's what NYC is for me. I know that a lot of people like this city that really should be it's own nation but it just doesnt make sense to me. I mean I like shopping but we can all go shopping in just about any city. I like skyscrapers but suburban life is where I want to end up at. I love being around new and exciting people but... who is going to turn down so R&R time? Not I 👎🏾! 


So what is it about Manhattan I love so much?  

Maybe it's the fact that for a city that has been around for some time, it's still growing?  

Or maybe it's because the food here is spectacular and you just have no idea what to expect?  


I mean ultimately, the biggest city in the US does have its down fall like there's only one bathroom for non customers to use and that ever store will tell you no otherwise. Oh and that there's just way too many humans in New York...Hope you caught that one 😉😂.  


But don't let these stop you. You'd be surprised how kind many people are willing to stop their conversations and genially say hello. Walk down any main street and someone will say, “hi” to you. Yes, this did happen to me multiple times. The assumption that a place or group of people are something you’ve yet to experience is something you never want to take with you on a trip. In fact this ties into my top ten advises for visiting New York. (Read them all below👇🏾)

Don't just read up on this amazing city, go and visit. Here are some of my favorite spots we went to durning this year's trip:


  • Fuku: now my second favorite place to get chicken fingers. Fast, delicious, and simple. Make sure to ask for the greensauce

  • IPANE•MA: elegant Brazilian restaurant that has topped my list of favorite Brazilian restaurants! Everything we ordered was amazing and would recommend for everyone. The customer service was so amazing, your girl had to tip more than I've ever tipped in my life! Be on the lookout for a restaurant review very shortly!


  • Eataly: comfy and quaint market with restaurants and deli. If your traveling with a significant other or your best friend(s), I highly recommend stopping by. You’ll find something for everyone including yourself! P.S: Remember when I said we could only find one place with a restroom?


10. You don't really need to being so much money with you unless you're shopping a lot. Most of the stores on the island are available online or nearby any major city. 

9. Dress in layers. We all want to look cute and not look like tourist whenever were visiting a well know area. However, your comfort is paramount in a place you'll be spending hours in. A nice outfit paired with a light jacket is perfect for winter/spring/fall. Though, summers are warm ☀️!

8. Going with the previous advice, sneakers are alright! I made be mistake of choosing my outfit over my comfort and paid for it the next day. Get something cute that you can walk in for hours! You'll thank me for this one.  

7. Don't stare. I think this part is self explanatory but one of the best ways to avoid being labeled as a tourist is not looking everyone in the eye, looking up at everything (I know there's a lot of skyscrapers), and definitely not stopping in the middle of a crowd to pictures. You can find amazing spots for pictures that aren't on the main streets.  

6. The second best way to avoid the tourist label: AVOID TIME SQUARE! Enough said. 

5. Brush up on the metro card. You wouldn't be stopping people behind you and you'll look like your know what you're doing.  

4. Do go to landmarks you've never been to. The Empire State building,  Ellis Island, and Lady Liberty are worth sacrificing you tourtust label for. 

3. Bring a bag. If you’re with someone else then two medium sized bags like a crossbody or backpack will suffice. You don’t want to be lugging around so much but you’ve got to carry your things in something right?  

2. Stay upstate. The further you are from the main island the cheaper you stay will be. We stayed an hour away and saved so much money!  

1. Destinations: do some research and find places that not many people know about prior to visiting NYC. We used Huffington Post and Buzzfeed, but here’s so many out other lists out there. This will extend your visit and make it more enjoyable.  

 Bonus Advice:  Carpe  Diem! Don’t over plan and focus on all the sightseeing. Make this an adventure and it’ll be the best NYC trip you’ve ever been on! 

Hopefully these tips help you out on your next trip to the Big 🍎! If you've got some awesome places to recommend, let me know. You never know which sights I'll be checking out for my next Manhattan trip!  

Until then...

- 🌿 Abigail!