Dos and Don'ts of Outer Banks

Go on as many adventures as possible. See as many places as possible. Meet as many people as possible. And when you've done it it all over again!

"OBX here we go!"

Marsh at Bodie Island

Marsh at Bodie Island

Driving on flat land. Seeing tropical colored beach houses on my right and grassy sand dunes on my left. No skyscrapers. No government buildings. Just me and a long island filled that seems to never end. 

Outer Banks, NC is one of my favorite places to go every year for beach trips. Typically this area is roaming with families on vacation, groups on trips, and college students in the summer. But it's February and there aren't families roaming around on vacation, groups on trips, and crowds, just me.

I rented an Air BnB for 5 people...yes, this was my first time using Air Bnb. Even though I got a place that was way too big, the home beautiful and our host made our first Air Bnb experience the only great Air Bnb experience I've ever had up to date. 

OBX 2017

After coming to OBX so many times, here are some dos and don'ts from this time around:

  • Do visit this place in the off seasons. Summers always a great idea but experiencing a place the way the locals.

  • Don't resort to a hotel just because. I have booked a hotel before and it was the same price as getting 5 bedroom house on Air Bnb

  • Do stay at a place near the ocean and stores. I was able to go to the local Food Lion (the employees were really kind and welcoming) and still walk on the beach in morning.

  • Do go with people outside of your family. Family vacations are great but as a young adult, going on trips with friends makes the experience less stressful and more like a big party that never ends. Enjoy yourself!

  • Do pack sunscreen even in off seasons. The weather was in the 70s in February. Protect your skin!

  • Don't over pack food! It's a thing to always pack and prepare but a couple snacks and water will suffice...then again I was driving from Virginia!

  • Do use apps! We used the RoadTripper and Yonder app to help find quirky places that even someone who has been to OBX multiple times hadn't seen yet!

  • Do expect off season to be less active. This ties in with the recommendation above. I think if I hadn't used those apps and talked to the locals I would've been bored easily. So plan out activities so you always have something to do.

  • Do bring games and your laptop! UNO came in handy for us! The home I stayed in didn't have cable so I used my laptop to watch movies and brought my Amazon Fire Stick with us. If you're going with multiple people, make sure to have a Fire Stick!

Bodie Island Lighthouse - 2017

There's so much more I want to share about this trip but I'm going to leave it here. I can't wait for the next OBX trip and more tips but until then go check out OBX and tell me what you think!

Until next time…

- 🌿 Abigail