Dear You,


As a blogger, it's pretty difficult to come up with original ideas especially since blogging has been around for quite some time now. If you are having writer's block (which is a blogger's worst nightmare mind you), you can quickly Google 'blog post ideas for (whatever type of blogger you are) and get about 10 great lists developed by bloggers themselves.

I'm not going to lie and tell you that I don't use these list here and there. However, I try my hardest to use the ideas as a way to get back to writing when I'm unmotivated. One prompt I've seen across the board with most of these lists is, 'write about why you started blogging.' So here I am sitting on my bed, sipping tea, trying to formulate a blog post about why I even blog.

Let me tell you it is harder than you'd believe. I don't want to give you something cliche and untrue because you guys know you and me when something isn't authentic. So why do I blog? To be honest, there are three reasons I could think of right now (wow, I already sound like the pastor on Sunday ready to give a 1.5-hour sermon) why I dedicate the time to create content and share it with you.


1| A Journal to the World

You remember those scholastic book fairs that would happen every other quarter in elementary school ( goodness, I totally forgot that there used to be quarters instead of semesters. Oh how we've grown)? If you were like me, you'd get so excited when your teacher would hand you the pamphlet filled with books and trinkets you could only buy every so often. I would get so excited about it that I would look through the booklet at least six times before getting home just so I could narrow down what I wanted and not cost my parents a fortune (how thoughtful I was).

Well, the one thing I always wanted (and probably got at least three times) was the stationary sets. I loved the box the notepads came in and the designs on the paper. Each stationery set I would select would come with a journal. Which was the best part (almost like the pepperoni pieces I'd save on the pizza. I'm hungry right now so cut me some slack).

I remember having this pink journal back in third grade with that came with a silver heart-shaped lock on the side. I treasured that journal until I got to college. It was my first introduction to journaling and being able to cultivate a path from my emotions and thoughts into words on paper. I have been journaling for about 14 years!

I continue because I know that one of these days someone is going to benefit from my story or that I may forget (which I often do) all the things I've been through and felt so I must record them no matter what.

When I found out that I could use blogging as a journal (just one that isn't secretive with a silver lock), I decided to take it up and try it out. This has become a way for me relinquish my thoughts and ideas. Some people use music, others use fashion and beauty. I decided to use my story to showcase who I am. I'm not perfect at it (still learning and forever learn btw), but it's my story told my way.

2| Learn From My Experiences

Obtaining some knowledge from my mistakes ties into journaling. Throughout this site, you'll notice a trend in my posts: lessons and experience (hey that's on the home page, who would've thought?!). I have lost count of the number of mistakes I've made in my 23 years of living in this world. From boyfriends to friends to career and education, you name, it I've probably done it or have learned from others to do better. So why keep it secret?

By sharing with you and bearing my weakness on my sleeves, I hope that these lessons and experiences guide you to not just living your best life (can we stop this phrase? I mean weren't we already living our best lives? Do we even have a worst life?) but being the best version of yourself you could ever be.

3| Self Remedy

This is the real reason I finally turned on my laptop and began to type like a maniac. Up to this date, there's no experience I've ever had that I feel the most scar from aside from my depressions. The darkness that encompasses you is like none other. The empty, lonely, painful feeling you experience is something anyone who's ever faced a depression will tell sucks!

Part of my healing process is journaling and focusing my energy on things that bring joy to others and myself.

I blog because I'm emotional (you're probably like yeah, we know already!), I'm growing, and I desire to be as vulnerable as possible. To me, only by allowing myself to express all that I am will I be able to embrace and love the beauty of being me. So you can say, blogging is my medication.

There are other reasons why I'm willing to bear all my feelings and thoughts to the world, but at this point in time, I can't write them all in this post. You'll move on very quickly because if your attention span is anything like mind, the longer the list, the harder it is to focus.

Everyone has something that works for them, blogging just became an avenue I wanted to take. No matter what road you choose to better yourself and make the world a little better, make sure that it's one means a lot to you. Not something others are doing because it's a trend but chose to be your authentic self. Be transparent and never forget why you began.

Until next time...

-🌿 Abigail