15 Semi-Serious Truths You Didn’t Know About Me

© AbigailBadu

The older I get, the more I realize that there are things about myself that I may not want to let everyone know. Now mind you, as a child, I would babble on and on about everything that I liked, who I am, and even who I’m currently fancying. Thank goodness I’ve gotten better at that last part!

Fortunately, with time I’ve been able to understand myself and communicate that with others. Back then I wanted to share everything about myself. Recently I’ve kept my life under wraps, so I’m really excited to go back and start sharing little more again. I’m not that little girl anymore. Time has changed me…hopefully for the for the best. Even though I’ve seen lists like this one on different site, I still believe that it’s a great way, to be honest with oneself.

So after getting an email from some of y’all I said yes. Here are some of the ridiculous and semi-serious facts about me. Drum roll, please…

  1. I secretly thank my dad for my eyebrows even though they are never on point…dark and all!

  2. I crack my knuckles when I am nervous in the business field even though I secretly cannot stand it when others do it around me. #hypocrite, I know.

  3. Some may call me a grandma but I love knitting, and I really miss it! Who wants handmade scarfs this fall?

  4. I don’t like any other type of pies except for apple pies, but I’ll be polite and eat it if you offer…who turns down free pie? Not I!

  5. I’m most insecure about my belly and have grown to love core exercises.

  6. If it’s not already #1 then it’s #2, my favorite chick flick is 10 things I Hate About You. I still want Heath Ledger to sing to me with that ridiculous grin of his once I get to heaven!

  7. I use onions in just about every dish because my mom used to and I could smell the onions on her hands after dinner still. Like mother like daughter right?

  8. I always overcome my shyness when I meet new people because I believe everyone is a brother or sister whether they know it or not. Why let the shyness get the best of a possible excellent relationship?

  9. I got a camera because I love photography but also because I love being behind the lens instead of in front of it.

  10. My favorite nail polish is Bikini So Teeny by Essie. I will wear it winter, spring, summer, and fall.

  11. I’ve always wanted a golden retriever since watching Air Bud as a kid. Who doesn’t want a dog that can play basketball, soccer…well just about every sport?

  12. If left up to me, I would eat two plates for dinner every night, but it’s unhealthy, and greed isn’t good for my soul.

  13. My favorite store bought ice cream is…Blue Bell’s Buttered Pecan. I first had it in college and I fell in love. Definitely not willing to share…sorry.

  14. The biggest fear I have is disappointing Jesus. Mom and Dad, I can handle but God…forget about it.

  15. Pomegranate scented anything will make me happy. From candles to dish soap, I want it all.

  16. Yellow isn’t my favorite color to wear even though I used to wear it a lot because it looks nice on my skin tone.

  17. I prefer slippers, slip-on sneakers and flats over dress shoes any day. Watch me wear sneakers to every conference!

  18. White Hart café (Lynchburg, VA) is my favorite place to get coffee shop. Try the fried ravioli at White Hart! I’m willing to work out for two hours just for those.

  19. Nothing touches CookOut! I’m going to leave that one there.

  20. Lauren Conrad is my style, life, and career role model. Has been since the Hills and probably always will be. LC’s got it going on.

*Bonus: Shojo is my favorite genre of manga hands down.