The Assassination of One’s Character

 Character Assassination is the act of attempting to influence the portrayal or reputation of a particular person, causing others to develop an extremely negative perception of him/her. By its nature, it involves deliberate exaggeration or manipulation of facts to present an untrue picture of the targeted person.

Basically, it is spreading rumours and talking bad about somebody, to make people hate them.

I was recently made aware of feelings from someone who I don’t know. This person brought it up to me that they haven’t had the best to say or think about me. At first I thought, "well that's unfortunate but at least you’re honest." Then after taking it straight to Jesus, I realized, we’re all guilty of CA especially when we don’t know much about each other. Though, we are all individuals who have the amazing blessing of thinking for ourselves.

After really praying and thinking some more, I realized that at the end of the day, what we say about one another is a reflection of ourselves. We always have the choice to be better to each other and to ourselves, that’s what’s most important. As people, we all go through life in ways that really force us to grow. Maybe by recognizing that we are all guilty of CA, we can then take the necessary steps to become better men and women.

When we find ourselves talking poorly of someone else just to manipulate, over exaggerate, or even gossip ( speaking of someone without their knowledge, awareness, and ability to properly speak their truth) about that person we need to ask ourselves these questions: 

  • If the person was here right now, would they appreciate what is being said about them?

  • Would I appreciate any of these things being said about me if the roles were reversed?

  • How is this benefiting me and my goals?

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Abigail Badu
I'm Back

I don't blog to talk about people. I don't blog to bash people. I blog to release. I blog to revive. I blog to embrace. And I blog to encourage.

These are words I live, abide, and am. And with everything I have been through, I needed to make sure I treasured those parts of who I am.

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LifeAbigail Badu
It's Not My Time

Are you ready for marriage? When do you want to get married? I have a (fill in the blank) that is perfect for you. Would you be up for it?

we see how others have designed their lives and what's expected of us, we tend to allow ourselves to get into this warped comparison and a skewed perspective game that can diminish our sense of who we are and what God is saying and doing with us.

There is no person better to explain to you what you ought to do and how you ought to live your life than the one that gave it to you. (Of course, God will place the right people in your life to help guide you in making the best choices and that's where discernment comes into play.) And in all honesty, I used to be scared, no terrified of saying no or even attempting to object anything people would ask of me. Not saying that it has completely changed ( I have to catch myself sometimes) but I've learned three important lessons regarding those questions:

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For the Love of Korean Bbq: I Think I Just Fell in Love

For as long as I remember, I would declare to my friends and family that I would probably become a nun (do they even nondenominational nuns? Can someone figure that out for me? I'm going to google it on the side while I talk with yall). I honestly believe this may happen so don't say that I didn't tell yall. I mean come on, I'm over here already married to Jesus and if I could get married it would probably to food so...oh well.

Speaking of food, I have to tell you guys about an obsession I have been hiding from yall…

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Dear You,

By sharing with you and bearing my weakness on my sleeves, I hope that these lessons and experiences guide you to not just living your best life (can we stop this phrase? I mean weren't we already living our best life? Do we even have a worst lives?) but being the best version of yourself you could ever be.

To me, only by allowing myself to express all that I am will I be able to embrace and love the beauty of being me. So you can say, blogging is my medication.

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Lessons I'm Taking Into 2019

What a year this has been. From moving to a new place to getting pets and deciding to allow Christ into every aspect of my life entirely, 2018 has been one for the books. The year of growth. Yup, that's what I'm going to call it.

There has been an overarching theme of self-growth, self-love, and self-care for me this year. I'm praying that as the clock strikes midnight and we step into a new year, we continue to prioritize these aspects of our growth. I don't want to forget that make sure I'm happy and healthy will result in living the life I was always wanted. So as a promise to myself, I decided to write down seven valuable lessons I learned from God about myself and relationships. These are lessons I pray that I store away in the back of my mind.

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