IG Live w/ Special Guest Cass Albert: Emotional And Psychological Abuse

Where is God in Emotional and Psychological Abuse?

Join us as we dive deeper into the issues and results of emotional and psychological abuse and how to find your voice and freedom!

Please be mindful that this is a highly sensitive topic and as a team, we recommend that every person reaches out to a professional. The topic and information shared is with caution and advised here on after to seek a mental health professional as soon as possible.

Please respect and follow our Terms & Policies.

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Some Lessons from the Journal Entry

Steve Maraboli said, “It’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal.” I couldn't agree more. 

There is a level of clarity, understanding, awareness, and mindfulness that comes with time spent voluntarily in solitude. In fact, when you begin to taste the level of knowledge you gain in stillness, it almost seems unpleasant to come out of that level of alone time. ( keyword is the alone time, not loneliness) Of course in due time the lessons you've gained in solitude will need to be exercised by coming out and applying what you've achieved.

Your inner child knows about the things that occurred in your childhood that have manifested themselves in your adulthood. 

Everyone's healing, grief, and growing process are different, and your journey gets better as you learn to be attentive to your soul and the Holy Spirit so that you can process properly. Trust me when I say that the last thing you want is to go through the same situations over and over because you refused to heal and take your time. 

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A Touch of the Mediterrianian

Now, I'm probably one of the weirdest pizza lover out there. I don't like regular pizza, like American pizza isn't that thrilling for me. I can do New York-style pizza but that's about it. (I probably got over the pizza hype because I had it so much in school.) See, my favorite type of pizza is flatbread with cheese, tomatoes, arugula, and some form of protein. (I guess I'm a picky eater when it comes to pizza; side note: Hawaiian pizza is not my thing and I'm not even going entertain a conversation about it cause pineapples on my pizza…why would you torcher me like that?!)

Imagine how glad I was when we ordered pizza and found out that not only was it flatbread style but it was cooked in the fire brick wood-fired pizza oven?! I was ecstatic, to say the least.

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Don't Be Silenced: Q & A

"Deep down, we grow in kindness when our kindness is tested." - Archbishop Desmond Tutu

When you exercise love and willingly give it to others no matter how much pain you are in, when you remove your initial attachment to any form of pain, you begin to take back your power. That power is joy, and your humanity needs it. 

No matter what happens in life, you always have a choice, and your decisions are evident in your words, thoughts, and actions. Each word, each decision, gets you closer to either becoming a bitter person or a more loving human; it's all in the choices you make. I decided to see others the way God saw them and not with my human eyes. 

I think to myself, "Wow, how amazing is that God allowed me to face these different forms of pain? I would've never understood the level of pain and struggle my brothers and sisters who face this go through if I couldn't relate. God has used this to bring me closer to the many people who have suffered misconduct and violence. And not only that but how difficult it is when others play the comparison game amid the pain.

I'm blessed that I got to be able to witness this, and now I feel much closer to each person because we all feel pain and we all struggle to share for fear of rejection and judgment due to all the hurt we feel. Now that I've faced both by sharing and have come out with more joy than I knew was possible, I know that there are more joy and love in me to give to my brothers and sisters as they face all sorts of hurt and pain life gives them."

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Will You Accept These Lessons?

Child! Pour yourself a drink and sit back because I had to sit in multiple therapy sessions to get my feelings in check after each season(wish I was joking).

I’m here to talk about all the lessons that I’ve taken from this year’s seasons of the Bachelor franchise and y’all better prepare yourselves. From womanhood, maturity, to gaslighting, emotional and psychological abuse, and sex. It got real this year and I hope they keep on bring up these deep topics.

Side Note: your girl is seeking therapy after this hot of a mess!

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Don't Be Silenced: We Heal by Being Mindful and Honest

"It doesn't matter. You put yourself in that position."

I started making up excuses for the actions of this man as he verbally judged me for being honest.

"I don't care. You're at fault. You put yourself in that position. You need to prove yourself to me." 

No person who's been taken advantage of is at liable for the lack of control and respect another person decide to not give them. Don't allow the hurt to ever silence you because damage that hasn't been given the proper amount of attention results in catastrophic ways. God's going to use what could have been tragic to heal not only you but many people. 

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Here's to the Real Ones

The day of my birth should be a celebration of the people who have brought me here. Those who have poured their souls out and connected with me are the ones worth celebrating the most.

So this year, I want to celebrate my mother, my father, my brother, all my family members, my mentors, my closest friends, and every person who has ever been a part of my journey. It's due to these beautiful souls that I could grow into the woman that I am at this moment as I'm typing this message to you. These are the real MVPs of my story. From joining in with my laughter to sitting and being patient with me through my darkest moments, these are the people who I know deserve the level of gratitude and love that we give on birthdays.

25, how are you going to be like?

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On Sundays We Have Pho

I have a problem😳. I have a pho problem guys🏳️. I don't know whether I want to get cured for this or continue to let it linger until I cannot take it any longer.

From my previous post about pho, it is no surprise that I love the delicious warm soup made with flavored and preserved timely and filled with rice noodles and the occasional proteins. Seeing that I have been on the hunt to find all the fantastic pho shops in the DMV, I wanted to share with you all one of my newest favorite spots. Funny, this place was right underneath my nose.

Sunday at Saigon is not what I expected it to be. I had heard many of my acquaintance mention coming to dinner here, it wasn't until I met up with one of my closest friends for dinner that I was able to understand what all the hype was about.

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Not the Possibility of You, But You

AB: you know he has these amazing qualities that I admire in people, and I want within myself, but I just don't know.

HL: Like which part of him are you attracted to spiritually like as what you want in friendship and which parts are you attracted to in a relationship?

AB: Honestly, his desire to keep growing closer to God and wanting to chase after him is beyond the moon for me because I want that too. I want to keep chasing God. He deepens his relationship with the Lord through Scripture and service, and it's genuine because it's not to impress anyone or say here I am. Unless you dig it out of him, you wouldn't even know what he does for the glory of God. That's what attracts me to him spiritually, and I want that in all my friendships. Though, intimate relationship-wise, I think it's admirable that he prioritizes his family and speaks highly of them no matter what. His ability to let life be life and how inviting he is to every person is something I want in the man I do life with. He doesn't speak poorly of anyone.

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