It's Time to Take Care You!


I have been praying about this post. I think I started this post back in December 2018 and it's been a struggle. Whoever said blogging was easy was on some…(let me not go there just yet).


May is #NationalMentalHealthAwarness Month! Yes Jesus! But we all know that in the Book of Abigail, every month is about mental health. Y'all, I cannot stress the importance of getting yourself checked out! Oh, goodness, gracious! So many events take place in our lives every 24 hours, and we take it all in without allowing ourselves to process everything properly. It's dangerous. I could go on a non-stop tangent about how ridiculously important it is to get check out with a professional. However, that's not what this post is about.

I wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite apps of all time (and it's not Instagram!)

If you're like me, your life is scheduled, scheduled, and then some more scheduling! Every moment of my day is planned out, and sometimes I find myself getting home wondering how I would've gotten everything done in the day without scheduling things out. It's so bad that I have to schedule weeks (I mean weeks guys) in advance to even spend time with my girls! It's crazy! But I love it at the same time because I'm getting the things that are important to complete!

A part of my monthly scheduling is to set time aside weekly to check in with my therapist. (Oh yes, your girl isn't joking about her mental health). But unfortunately, I can't see her every day, so I started looking for a way to check in with myself while I'm on the go and Lord behold, I found Sanity & Self.

There are many different apps out there when it comes to the subject of mental peace, and not all of them work for everyone. Sanity & Self is my holy grail!

Sanity & Self is the #1 self-care app for women! It is the app that allows experts to walk you through different topics that you may be facing or want to learn more about. And the best part…for busy people like yours truly, sessions are a maximum of about 10 minutes. This app has over 700 courses that speak on relevant topics such as relationships, self-love, stress, fitness, and more. (I know, I know, it sounds like I'm advertising this app, but the truth is I love it!)

“We believe real self-care is about caring for your whole self (inside and out): to heal, discover, and grow ourselves. To become more grounded, confident, and insightful. This is the kind of self-care that can’t be squeezed from a bottle, the kind that goes a lot deeper.

At Sanity & Self, our mission is to make real self-care easy to fit into your busy days so you can be your best self.”


As if Sanity & Self couldn't get any better, there are group chats on topics that we all face. Real women, real issues, and real empowerment! Talk about a golden nugget! (I'm so weird with my phrase, thanks for the love and reading though!)

Now the questions you're probably asking is, is there a catch? How much does it cost? Is it difficult to use? Have I actually used it? When do I use the app? Which topics do I recommend?

Well first:

Is there a catch?

Nope. This is literally an app that you can download at the App Store of the Google Play store. It has real experts, coaches, and therapists that have the credibility to speak on the topics that they're featured on.

How much does it cost?

It's free to download. However, you can purchase monthly or yearly subscriptions. Monthly is at $9.99. Yearly is $4.99/month. And you can do what I did which is the Yearly at $59.99 (one-time payment). I believe that your mental health is priceless, so it's your choice on which plan you decide on. There are, however, sessions on the app that are free and a trial so you can check it out and see if this works for you.

Is it Difficult to Use?

Nope! This is a clear app that features sessions on the home page. Your group chats are on the next tap. Your bookmarked sessions are in the next tab and then your profile. You can customize with filters, and the app will walk you through everything when you first download it. (Don't skip that part!)


Have I actually used it?

Yes. I refuse ever to endorse a product I haven't used. Check out my terms and policies 😉.

When do I use the app?

First thing in the morning and during my commutes. I listen to a breathing session (which is about 5 minutes long) to start my day along with some Jesus time. Then as I'm dealing with DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) traffic, I listen to another (then some more Jesus music).

Which topics do I recommend?

Honestly, it's all up to you. Though, when I first started using Sanity & Self, I listened to “Prioritize Me” with Allison Tibbs (I think the app typically takes all new users through this sessions) and I loved it! I have gone through this topic at least two more times. (That's one of the best parts. You can always go back to segments you've already completed to refresh yourself and gain another perspective.)

Okay, enough of me talking about how much I love Sanity & Self, now I want you to check it and let me know how it works for you! (P.S. there's a 60% off discount going on in May because it's #NationalMentalHealthAwareness Month! Don't miss out on it!)

App Store Download  | Google Play Download

Until next time…