It's Time to Take Care of You!

May is #NationalMentalHealthAwarness Month! Yes Jesus! But we all know that in the Book of Abigail, every month is about mental health.

Y'all, I cannot stress the importance of getting yourself checked out! Oh, goodness, gracious! So many events take place in our lives every 24 hours, and we take it all in without allowing ourselves to process everything properly. It's dangerous.

I wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite apps of all time (and it's not Instagram!)

If you're like me, your life is scheduled, scheduled, and then some more scheduling! Every moment of my day is planned out, and sometimes I find myself getting home wondering how I would've gotten everything done in the day without scheduling things out. It's so bad that I have to schedule weeks (I mean weeks guys) in advance to even spend time with my girls! It's crazy! But I love it at the same time because I'm getting the things that are important to complete!

A part of my monthly scheduling is to set time aside weekly to check in with my therapist. (Oh yes, your girl isn't joking about her mental health). But unfortunately, I can't see her every day, so I started looking for a way to check in with myself while I'm on the go and Lord behold, I found Sanity & Self.

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It Takes a Village to Be Swoll

From those who'd texted me to see if I was heading to the gym to those who just wanted to empower me to keep going, I'm grateful. I know I've given a lot of advice and insight on my journey ( I mean that's the purpose of this whole site), but these people are the ones who really deserve the spotlight. And since I love to respect their privacy, I'm not going to throw their names out there but share with you guys a new accomplishment:

Your girl can do 7 pull-ups! Say what?! I mean, who would've thought?! Not I!

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How to You Reach Your Health Goals...Successfully

Surprisingly, I reached my goal about without realizing.

I know I sound cliché since there are multitudes of articles and posts on how to lose weight in the new year and how to reach your weight goals. That's why I had to try this method's out firsthand before I started recommending these tips. I will explain how you can get the workout you want on a budget since not all of us can afford private lessons with top notch trainers.

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