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Darling, It's Okay to Not Be Okay

The essence of life (the one thing you can always count on) is that life fluctuates. Life is unstable. […]

if Jesus, who is both man and God, wasn't okay especially when his life was about to take a turn that was going to cost him more than life itself, why do we think that as believers we're meant to be okay so often?

The topic of honesty and vulnerability is something, as believers, I just don't believe we can stress enough.first step of accepting Christ requires us to be vulnerable! There is no way in…(not going to go there). There is no way we can follow Christ and love one another without allowing ourselves to be so transparent that when we're not okay, we can say that we're not okay. Following Christ is one of the best “yes” I ever made, and it has taught me that the power that Christ has given me (and all of us ) is a power that requires us to be so transparent that glass doesn't come close.

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