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Child, Remember Your Training

Spiritual training is pretty similar to the conditioning I had as an athlete. In order to make your training effective, you must be willing to sacrifice your time and pleasure for the game. This means more prayer, devotionals, fellowshipping, and anything your soul requires for you to do.

As you begin to prioritize your healing process and your self-love, you allow the power of truth, confidence, and joy back into your life. But the truth is meant to share. Confidence is meant to be displayed. Joy is meant to be given away. As you work your spiritual and mental muscles to overcome the mental stage that is hurting you, you begin to acquire new weapons for the battles you may face.

When I felt low, when you felt stuck mentally or spiritually, I began to remove anything and everything that was causing me pain. I had to clear out the virus by applying a vaccination called Jesus.

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The Evidence; It's Unfinished

It's not why we're going through but who we're going through with and what He's teaching us. He is with us in the hurricane and we couldn't be taken out; we persevere because He is with us.

How do you not know that the Creator of everything is real? The evidence is in the fact that you didn't die from your battle wounds. Those scars could've taken you out, but they didn't. That resiliency and drive to keep on running the race of life are from God.

The evidence is in the fact that you are alive and still kicking! He's not done with you because you are about to surprise yourself with the level of power, authority, love, and gumption (oh yes, I used that word) you have within you. Oh my dear, how magnificent you are and the best part…it's unfinished.

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Love, You Were Born With It

God created the core of who we are. Everything that makes us is because God placed all that in us. So when we face trials, when we feel hurt, when we get upset, and we feel like we are at our ends, there's honestly nothing left but love.


All that I am is love because Christ is love. All that I have is love because Jesus is all I've got. All that I know and can feel is love because Spirit of God that dwells in all of us is all we've known and feel. So next time when you want to act a type of way or give your two cents (no one really needs those cents anyways, it's not like it's got all that value) remember who you are and whos you are. 


You and I were never created to be hurtful towards one another. No, God created us to love each other, love ourselves, and love him. Love is the essence of who we are. You don't need to change that much about yourself to know that you are nothing but love and that's all you got.

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Dear Abigail, It Weighs On Me That...

This isn't pride but confidence in who my Creator made. This is me taking a good look at the beautiful woman God has designed and predestined for me to become and I'm embracing her. This is where I get to say, "yes I love myself." And guess what? I don't feel guilty. I'm no longer concerned about the possibility of being rejected or disappointing those around me. Instead, I'm now welcoming the Abigail God loves enough to sacrifice his only Son for. Instead of listening to lies from my insecurities and those who want to bring me down, I surround myself with those who God has ordained to live in my today, tomorrow, and forever. Instead of seeing myself as less than, I now see myself as the daughter of the Most High.

It wasn't an easy journey. I had to let go of plenty of friends, relationships, unfruitful goals. It hurt, and it cost me some months of experiencing the darker side of who I could be. However instead of saying that the darker side of myself was the real me, I have now come to realize the Abigail that pours out love, prioritize self-care, gives hugs because she can, speaks life into her life and those around her, never gives up on the beauty within all people, and stands up to negativity is the Abigail I was always born to be. That is the Abigail Jesus fought so hard on the cross for. That's the Abigail I get to share with the world. This Abigail is here to stay, so get comfortable seeing consistent love and a whole lot of Jesus!

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You're Grown But So Are Your Obstacles

Boast on how God is about to bring you through everything you're going to be facing. Boast about how strong God is about to make you. Boast on the mountain tops on how much God is saturating his Spirit in you so that you may be able to live a life that shows the power and love of Christ!

I'm not going to tell you that being grown is easy. Every adult will tell you that it is a struggle. But choosing to let God make you spiritually stronger and mature your faith through your walk with Christ is doable. Expect to face challenges that will try you till all you can say is, "Jesus!" Though, unlike the famous saying, I believe that God will never let you stay comfortable in your life but instead will assist you in the battles. The Lord will never allow you to face anything without providing an exit, guidance, and strength which will ultimately make you stronger in Christ than you could've ever imagined.

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Opposite Day All Day!

To follow Christ means to go opposite of what your flesh and the world says. It's easier to treat those you love well and those who hurt you the same way, but you don't get to do that anymore as a Child of God. You must choose to love. You must decide to care more. You must make the decision to forgive. You must validate others just because they are valuable to God.

Next time when you want to say something, feel some type of way, or do anything, think and ask yourself this very question I ask myself: is what I'm saying, feeling, or doing in alignment with the Spirit of God? If the answer is no, then it's time to check yourself.

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