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To The One Who Wanted To Give Up

I…have...been...there and it sucks!

I wish I could perform a psychological surgery and remove this depressive mental state away. doesn't work that way.

They have all sacrificed everything for me. Each person I have mentioned has laid down everything in hopes of seeing me and seeing me live this life to the fullest.

It was the reminder that my mother and father sacrificed their comfortable home in Ghana for my education, joy, and success. It was the reminder that my brother, though 9 years younger than me, looks up to me and wants to see me make it in everything I set my mind to. It was the reminder that all the beautiful humans that called me friend valued the genuine smile they initially fell in love with. It was the reminder on the day that she left this earth, the day my grandmother completed her mission, that I recalled that nothing, absolutely nothing, in this world would make her happier than to see me ( broken, hurting, and ratchet in all) living a life that is filled with joy and hope.


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It Was a Set Up!

Don't get mad or frustrated when God allows you to face something. Get excited because He's given you all you need to win each battle this year. Don't get disappointed if what you had hoped for didn't work out the first, second, or eighth time (I don't know why I chose eight, but I did). Get inspired and motivated because God's is using trial #8 for you to succeed trial #9! Yup, you heard me!

Each time you fall, that's a setup. Each time something doesn't work out the way you anticipated, that's another setup! Each no brings you closer to your yes. Each closed door builds your spiritual resiliency by helping you realize, okay, if the door doesn't work, where is are the windows. Do you think that goal, that dream, that promise God revealed to you was going to come just because he showed it to you? It's like a father who buys a car for their child and saying okay; you can start driving at age 3. Heck no!

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