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Child, Remember Your Training

Spiritual training is pretty similar to the conditioning I had as an athlete. In order to make your training effective, you must be willing to sacrifice your time and pleasure for the game. This means more prayer, devotionals, fellowshipping, and anything your soul requires for you to do.

As you begin to prioritize your healing process and your self-love, you allow the power of truth, confidence, and joy back into your life. But the truth is meant to share. Confidence is meant to be displayed. Joy is meant to be given away. As you work your spiritual and mental muscles to overcome the mental stage that is hurting you, you begin to acquire new weapons for the battles you may face.

When I felt low, when you felt stuck mentally or spiritually, I began to remove anything and everything that was causing me pain. I had to clear out the virus by applying a vaccination called Jesus.

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Thank You, I Needed That

I needed to go through the pain. I needed to go through the hurt. I needed to go through the rejections. I needed to go through the disappointments. I needed to face everything that happened last year. I needed to go through 2018 to make my 2019 effective.

No pain or hurtful experience is enjoyable at the time just like the writer of Hebrews says. Just like children, we don't like to be put in time out when we mess up. We don't want to be grounded or corrected when we do wrong but…we need to. We need to make the necessary mistakes so that we can understand who we are, who's we are, and more of the journey that we embarked upon when we said yes to Christ.

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You Just Got Deleted: Wrestling with God

God wasn't having it with me and these lies any longer. He allowed me to play victim long enough. But he just wasn't having me play the victim when it was time for me to understand the value and power that he had placed in my soul. The Lord wasn't going to let me keep pretending that I couldn't delete what was toxic in my life, the thoughts.

It's interesting how Instagram and Facebook have made it easy for us to delete unnecessary people and toxicity out of our lives. I mean, if you aren't serving my faith and who I am, then you can exit stage left, and it's called the unfollow button. But the irony of it is, we are so quick to delete toxic people yet so slow to erase toxic thoughts! Facebook and Instagram gave you the ability to eliminate toxic people. Jesus gave you the ability to remove spiritually toxic spirits!

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The Misson: You Have Always Been Worth It

You are worth it all. Jesus believes it so much he died in your place. He hadn't physically met you, but he knew what you've been so desperate to validate. You are precious. He said he wanted you, not just some but all of you. Sinful, broken, hurting and all your glory. He believed this so much that he took the bullet for you. He died in your place. He's madly in love with all of who are and guess what? So is his father.

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