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Don't Waste Your Time: It's an Inside Job

I want to tell you a harsh, honest, time saving, heartache preventing truth that I refused to embrace for years…until now: happiness, fulfillment, and everything that brings you to the best version of yourself is an inside job.

[…]there are way too many people in this world getting jobs, making decisions, getting into relationships, and selecting choices that they are using to fill the unbearable pain that that is caused when true peace, joy, love, and happiness is missing.

I've become very aware (I really wanted to use, but I don't want to be dramatic) of how easy it is to allow yourself to hop from one experience to another in a (for lack of better words) foolish way.




recover in value, amount, or strength after a previous decrease or decline.

You've got to pause on the possible relationships, pray rigorously about that new job, and take that opportunity to the altar before you say yes. And while you do those things, listen attentively (I cannot emphasize this enough) to the Holy Spirit.

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The Pain That Became My Superpower

He did what he did to me. He did what he did to my psyche. He did what he did to my emotions. He did what he did body.

[…]Be honest and kind to yourself. No matter who hurt you or what has happened to you, please take care of the experience and gather those lessons. Face your pain head-on. You may be like me, who had to let my family, friends, and counselors in my healing process. It's alright.

Do not (I'm dead serious) be the person who purposefully takes advantage of people emotionally, psychologically, or physically. There is no way this matches up with the Word and will of God.

Don't just be a kind human, be a loving human too. Be a considerate being. Acknowledge others in what you do just as you do for yourself. Don't initially be the reason why someone has pain in their lives. Be the person who builds others up and shows them that they are loved because God deems them worthy of His love.

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It Not Me...It's the Truth

"you have to be able to look yourself in the mirror and have those tough conversations with yourself […] It may be painful at the moment to realize some of the facts and truths about yourself. But, it's better to learn and face that pain now than two get married, have kids, and then realize the pain you have allowed into your life. Now that is a different kind of pain."

By looking at myself and asking myself questions that made me feel uncomfortable, I have been able to uncover so much about who I am and what I am seeking in life.

I believe that it takes a great deal of courage and strength to look at yourself, have an honest conversation from within, listen to the voice of purity that is inside, and allow yourself to say, do, and act upon what you know to be your truth. It's frightening but exhilarating because no person in this world knows you better than you and Jesus.

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Stop Playing the Victim Card

It's over. You and I cannot play the victim when tragedy hits. Even if 90% of the problem falls on the other person, 10% is still on you. You and I are no victims.

24 years of living on this earth, I will tell you that this victim mentality stumps your growth, creates chaos, and destroys you from within. It's toxic and we can't play this divisive game any longer.

Gossiping has got to go! You and I need to develop an allergic reaction towards bitter and negative speech, prideful acts, and the blame game. We are children of God. We don't get to act like this anymore.

It didn't work for Adam and Eve, did you really think it would work for you?

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Ouch; The Worst Thing I Ever Said to Myself

For the first time in my life, I didn't need to prove my worth by the things I did well or didn't do well. For once, my value was determined by the one that loves me the most instead of the things I could do. Though this sounds beautiful and all, this was a tough pill to swallow (and I'm still taking medicine). To allow one's self to comprehend the negative results of their thought process so that they may be able to not only be aware but transform negativity into positivity is one of the hardest challenges of internal success.

I spent parts of my childhood putting down this beautiful woman, and now, with each day that I am given, I get to build her up in truth. Truth that she is loved beyond all measure. Truth that she doesn't need to worry about being perfect because each day is her opportunity to be perfected in Christ. Truth that all that good in her is precisely who she is and nothing less of that. Each day is my chance to love on Abigail because she's more than enough.

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Bring It On; He's Got Me

It's true; there is something marvelous about kicking fear in its…(you know what) and saying, "okay life, bring it on!" It's realizing that you aren't just a fearless beast of nature but an eternal being that is forever protected and guided by the most exceptional being to have ever existed: God!

I sincerely believe that when you tap into who you've always been, you will come to discover that your problems have a problem: you're beyond them. You recognize that the power and the authority you have residing within yourself and surrounding you is beyond anything and everything life will throw at you. When you take a good look at what you are, you come to understand that you are a force to be feared by anything that attempts to stand in your way.

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