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Hey, It's Younger Me and I Want to Hug It Out

Embracing your battles isn’t about approving them but understanding that this is a battle that you must either go through, around or overcome.

I find this to be a tad bit harder than the two above because I have a strong belief (this seriously non-negotiable for me) that it takes two to tango (it takes two to make a mistake). But instead of seeing pain like so, we all tend to look at pain as on so and so inflicted this upon me. It's his fault, her fault, or sometimes it's even the poor dog's fault! (Leave the dog alone. Dog's are love, let it be😂) Take the word fault out of your vocabulary! It's doesn't come from Christ (this is my belief) and blaming one another is what Adam and Eve after they screwed up. (If we ought to learn anything aside from not talking to serpents, we ought to all learn that the blame game will never work. It only creates a monster out of a simple situation)

It does take two to tango, but your dance partner will never be able to reassure you entirely after you make a mistake. Since God never created us to be entirely healed by one person, but through him only, we will never find peace after battles until we give it all to him. You and I must learn to speak love to ourselves. We deserve forgiveness when we mess up because God first forgave us. We deserve to see the best in us when we go through because though we are sinners the Father finds us valuable in his eyes.

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Ouch; The Worst Thing I Ever Said to Myself

For the first time in my life, I didn't need to prove my worth by the things I did well or didn't do well. For once, my value was determined by the one that loves me the most instead of the things I could do. Though this sounds beautiful and all, this was a tough pill to swallow (and I'm still taking medicine). To allow one's self to comprehend the negative results of their thought process so that they may be able to not only be aware but transform negativity into positivity is one of the hardest challenges of internal success.

I spent parts of my childhood putting down this beautiful woman, and now, with each day that I am given, I get to build her up in truth. Truth that she is loved beyond all measure. Truth that she doesn't need to worry about being perfect because each day is her opportunity to be perfected in Christ. Truth that all that good in her is precisely who she is and nothing less of that. Each day is my chance to love on Abigail because she's more than enough.

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The Misson: You Have Always Been Worth It

You are worth it all. Jesus believes it so much he died in your place. He hadn't physically met you, but he knew what you've been so desperate to validate. You are precious. He said he wanted you, not just some but all of you. Sinful, broken, hurting and all your glory. He believed this so much that he took the bullet for you. He died in your place. He's madly in love with all of who are and guess what? So is his father.

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Loving Yourself Is the Christian Thing to Do

I was scrolling on my Tumblr feed ( yes I still use my, and yes you should create an account just so you can follow me instead of secretly judging me because we both know you want to see what my Tumblr is all about) when I saw this picture (left).

I couldn't just repost this picture. I have to save the image (copyright police already comin' for me; I hear the sirens), print it out, and post it on my mirror. Every time I read this, I think to myself, "wow, how is it convenient to fall in love with another person (being friends or significant others) than it is to fall in love with myself?!"

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