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Freedom and Honesty: Defeating Guilt

Healing comes through confession. Healing can only progress, take form, and mature in its healthiest way when we eliminate guilt and replace it with love, compassion, understanding, support, and authenticity. Guilt dies when there is authenticity. Sin dies in the presence of truth.

Previously, I shared that to begin healing, we must recognize that there is healing to be done due to the hurt that exists: acceptance of the pain's existence. Today, I want to tackle what we do once we've accepted that we need healing.

How do we handle guilt?

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Kintsugi: Where Faith and Healing Meet

“No. No more. I cannot do this anymore. Why am I investing time in this? This tree isn't bearing any fruit. This is not the tree God has for me…at least not now. I need to focus on me. I need to prioritize myself. It's time to put my self-care, self-love, and inner spiritual relationship first.”

To heal, I have come to know, is to allow what has changed from what it was at its original creation, to return and be made whole again. […] Once you know, the question is, do you allow the injury to continue (if it's a cut, will we enable the blood to keep seeping out of your skin) or do you accept that there is hurt so that you may begin healing? Ask yourself, how important is it for you to grow and heal? That is where your answer will come from.

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You Knew the Truth, You Had to Sit in the Pain


when one is able to remove themselves from the events outside of themselves and inwardly look at the positive elements of who they are while using said elements to strengthen and recover from any and all battles they are facing.

I am a firm believer when it comes to inner peace and centering oneself through every experience life gives you. I believe that no matter how long it takes for you to overcome internal battles, you should allow yourself to fully grasp all the lessons that are in front of you and soak in everything God is teaching you.

We must allow ourselves to sit in the presence of our pain, confusion, frustration, uncertainty, and everything that bothers us. We must let ourselves honestly feel what (if you're like me) we are afraid to explore. And in the process of doing so, we must allow God to reveal what we have been too scared to see.

I want you to get a message that took me a while to grasp (and I'm still learning this): The pain, hurt, confusion, frustration, and every not so great feeling you are experiencing will never go away until you are able to face it and let God remold it to reveal the truth that it was meant to be.

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I Stopped Looking for Mr. Right Because...

Am I becoming the person that the dream man (or woman) ought to be doing this thing called life with?

I have been focused on making myself the woman that this man I've been praying about ought to be with.

As much as I love dreaming about the future just like any person, I haven't referred to this list for the possibility of who I'm meant to be with but rather who I am meant to be. Confused? I know, let me explain:

I believe that whatever we want for our Mr. Right (or Mrs. Right) to be, we ought to not only be realistic about our desires but ask ourselves:

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Chop Chop, Start Laying Them Bricks Down!

Your life has the potential to become the greatest form of art you could've ever imagined, but you will fail to become the masterpiece you were meant to be if you do not take some hits and use those punches to strengthen yourself.

Call me naïve, call me childish, call me ignorant, but I will continue to believe that the best lessons in life are the ones you acquire from the most painful and challenging experiences. The knowledge you develop and store in your soul from the struggles, trials, and tribulations you face are the ones I've realized stick.

Reflect on this year, last year, the past 10 years, or your entire life. What are some of the hardest cards life has dealt for you? What bricks have been thrown your way? Some hurt more than others; nevertheless, they seemed (and some may still seem) to have weighed you down in some way or else you wouldn't be reading this post. What have you done with those bricks? Have you carried them this entire time and not applying it to the structure of your home? Have you been looking at your life, playing the pity party, and saying, "whoa is me?" Have you been wasting these amazingly strong elements instead of using them to create a fortified home?

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