I Call...LIES!



That's right, I'm calling it a lie. What is it that I'm calling a lie? The perspective that Christians shouldn't be afraid. LIES!

Oh don't worry, I'm not about to air out some laundry and point fingers…maybe not this post (jk, I promise). No, today I want to call out the misconception that if one is a Christian, they ought to not be afraid. That's a bunch of…lies (the Holy Spirit had to correct me real quick)!

Fear comes in two forms (actually, it may come in other let's just keep it simple today): fear of doing, saying, or expressing something that will lead to judgment, rejection, and possible negative retribution from others or fear of God.

As a child, my mother continuously read Proverbs 9:10 to me and I would struggle to understand what this "fear of the Lord" meant. I mean, if God is so amazing and loving, why do I need to fear him? If God wants my heart, why would I be afraid of him?

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.'

- Proverbs 9:10

I asked my mother these questions and she explained it in the best way for me: the fear that is being spoken about here is respect (reverence) not to be afraid.

Looking back at that conversation and noticing where I am currently with my life, I believe that a little bit of fear is good for the soul. (Calm yourself, I'm going to explain.)

See in my post last year ( Dear You ), I explained why I decided to create this website and this community. But as I noticed that I made an oopsie; I didn't give you another reason as to why this site and our community means so much to me.

It's because I'm afraid.

I'm in love with Jesus. You guys know that! Heck, the people that don't even like me know that! I love me some Jesus Christ of Nazareth! ( Excuse me while I climb a mountain and shout it from the top!)

There is fear residing within my soul. It's not the fear of rejection (have you seen some of the things I say and do? I mean what is rejection in the Dictionary of Abigail? Does it even exist?!) cause I could care less (excuse my petty self)No, it's reverence to who I serve.

I said this in a post recently ( The Conversation You Wished We Had ), the fear of not listening to God is far greater than FOMO!

I am bold, not going to sugar coat that. I can be reckless. I surprise myself and those around me. Though, I will always exhibit the boldness, strength, authority, and power that Jesus fought so hard to give me. If it comes down to sitting back and being timid when I know something isn't correct or speaking up even when my voice is shaking, I will always choose the latter.

This post isn't about a debate on Biblical scripture and interpretations but about why I believe we, as believers, must correct our perspective of the Word of God.

I remember watching a sermon not too long ago from Elevation Church when Pastor Furtick said something along the lines that sometimes it's healthy and spiritually healthy to hate something because it causes you to stop in your tracks and change. I would like to present the same idea here when it comes to fear. There are times that it was because the level of reverence God has given me caused me to be so afraid of disobeying the Lord that I made decisions that shocked and surprised those around me (and myself).

There is probably something you're afraid to do. Something you know that you the Holy Spirit has been telling to do or say but you're so afraid of the unknown, the judgment, and the reactions that you are still sitting here reading this post instead of making Godly moves.


Here is what ask myself when I know that I must do something or say something that God has asked of me even though I am afraid to:

1| Who do I worship? (not doing the right thing that God wants of means that I'm choosing myself and others over my Father.)

2| Why am I afraid? (I'm putting everyone and everything else before my Father.)

3| What must I do? (The Spirit of God will tell me.)

4| What's the worst that could happen? (I could lose what is currently have (home, job, materialistic possessions, relationships, etc.)

5| Will the worst happen? (Maybe)

6| Will I survive? (Heck yeah!)

7| Will I be protected? Will I be alright? Will I make it through? (Yes!)

8| Just Do It! (sorry Nike, had to borrow this slogan for a hot minute)

As much as I love you and as much as I enjoy you reading my post, I've got to kick you off now. God's got something he wants you to do and he's been telling you. Stop this ridiculous stubbornness and start listening to the one that risked it all for you! Go and get it done!

Until next time…

-🌿 Abigail