A Lesson from an Imperfect Person: Treasure It All

"Treasure every person. Treasure every experience."


Didn't I say it? I said that this journey was going to be about exposing my mistakes to you. Now you get to see some of the scars I've produced. Here's a scar that taught me to embrace my mistakes are times of growth in gratitude, faith, patience, and wisdom.

Let's begin...

How many mistakes have I made in the 24 years I've been alive? I have lost count. It's probably more than all the clothes I've ever worn. Probably more than all the bowls of rice I could eat in one sitting (mind you rice is my favorite food in the world, so that's a lot). I have lost count of the number of mistakes I've made in my years (as short as it is) but I have not forgotten the lessons I've learned from those mistakes.

Who is the most imperfect person I've ever met? Myself.

I on cover the multitudes of sins I have committed as the journey with Christ get longer and longer. I asked God about two years after I accepted Christ to show me my sins and not to hide them from me. I asked for it, and I got it. This is how I know I'm genuinely imperfect.

There is nothing more humbling than seeing how you what you did displeases God. It makes this whole Christian thing undeniably real. And as I sit here writing this post to you, I want you to know that I'm not here to condemn you but to tell you how understanding the sins I had committed helped me to treasure people and experiences more.

Every person I have had the privilege to get to know has taught me something valuable. Whether I wanted to learn it or not, I have grown with each encounter and conversation. But I refuse to regret those encounters. Here are some lessons I treasure that were taught to me by God through some tough mistakes:

  • When you are in a relationship of any kind with someone (friendship or inmate), let love and the rapport guide you. Keep your connection between the two of you (plus Jesus of course) and nobody else.

  • Those who are hardest to love and the ones that need love the most. Don't stop loving someone just because things got complicated or difficult. Love regardless but remember that love doesn't and complacency to negativity are two different things.

  • The greatest gift you could ever give when someone is a pain of any kind (aside from prayer) is your love through your presence and time.

  • Your life and how you chose to spend it is valuable. They're more priceless than anything you'll ever own. Use your experience and time effectively and efficiently.

  • Carpe Diem to the max! Seize every day, seize every opportunity God gives you. Don't wait because life will not wait for you.

These were just some of the lessons that I learned from painful situations I'll never forget. The stories behind these lessons are near to my heart, and I will forever treasure them.

I urge you to ask yourself a question my youth pastor's wife taught years ago. Whenever you're going through something, ask, " God what are you trying to teach me this time?"


We tend to waste our time and energy on issues that don't matter. We allow great people and opportunities to slip through our grasp. But instead of learning what needed to be discovered we like to cover up mistakes with guilt, fear, anger, and regret.

I want to be different. I want you to be different. No more guilt, fear, anger, or regret because they do not come from Christ. Instead, when we realize why we made the mistakes we did or why God is having us go through the seasons we're in, let's replace guilt with gratitude. Replace fear with faith. Replace anger with patience. Replace regret with wisdom.

'The one who keeps commands preserves himself; one who disregards his ways will die. Kindness to the poor is a loan to the Lord, and he will give a reward to the lender. Listen to counsel and receive instruction so that you may be wise later in life. '

- Proverbs 19:16-17,20

Lessons, people, and experiences these are the tools God has given you and I so that we may prosper. Take this lessons from the Pharisees: don’t go looking for your Messiah when He’s right in front of you. Ask God to reveal to you why you’re going through your season. Request from the Lord the insight you need to understand why God is allowing certain people in your life and events to happen. You’ll begin to see how valuable each moment and person is.

Now go! Go find out why God has you positioned where you are with the people around you!

Until next time…