Applying the Right Amount of Pressure

Too much weight gets you into situations that result negatively. No pressure makes you incompetent or entitled.


Let me tell you:

The right amount of pressure creates diamonds, and to fulfill what God has destined for you, you must allow him to apply the correct about of force in all aspects of your life.

That means he's going to have to mess with your self-esteem issues and that's going to be uncomfortable. That means the Lord is going to have to rip open that scares your father or mother created when you were so young. That means he's going to peel off the people that do not serve you and your future. He will make you uncomfortable.

What did you think? Was this journey going to be like wishing on a shooting star? No way. You can want to but you've got to get off your knees and get ready to be reconstructed into something you never imagined was possible.

My pressure moment was on a warm summer night at the beginning of May. It was so humid outside that I could feel the sweat on my skin evaporating into the air. This was a school night, and as an athlete, I was on the field in the center outfield where I was supposed to be. It had been my second year playing as softball for my high school. I wanted to play baseball but how's holding grudges against the school systems? Not IšŸ˜‰.


We had been playing this team all night long, and with the bases loaded, the game was looking favorable for us. I felt the adrenaline taking over my conscientiousness of how humid Virginia summers were. Seeing that it was my first time playing center field, I wanted to prove to my coaches that it wasn't a mistake placing at center. Most people don't know this, but when you take a look at the outfield, center field tends always to be given to the best outfielder. Whoever is in that position knows how not just to catch and throw but lead. That's what I wanted to be. I wanted my coaches to believe that it was the right decision to allow me to do so.

So at this point of the game, I had done my job, lead. But I knew that I could be better. The pressure of being the best I could be, what my coaches knew I could be was paramount. I didn't want to finish this game without something that signified that I could grow and had achieved so.

As my team took position to be ready to defend, I could hear God telling me, "I'm going to push you. This is what I've been preparing you this season. This is it." And before I could ask God what he was talking about, I saw a young lady who was batting swing her bag so powerfully that the softball wasn't just heading for the outfield but me.

As I prepared to catch the ball, I realized this was a ball I was going to have to get to the catcher and not the pitcher. Now how do I get a ball all the way from the back of the center field to the catcher before this batter gets a home run?

I didn't care how stupid I was going to look because sink or swim I was going to throw this softball in my glove to my catcher.

Everything happened so fast that if had blinked, you'd miss it. I had never done this before, but with just the correct amount of pressure to succeed in the eyes of my coaches, to succeed in the eyes of God, and to succeed in my own way, I threw that softball so far, our catcher didn't even have time to fix her surprised expression on her face.

Why am I telling you this?

You probably don't even know much about baseball or softball nevertheless understand what had happened. I'm saying you that what you may think is difficult, impossible, or unattainable is what is achievable with the right amount of pressure with and from God. Every athlete or successful person will tell you this. No pressure no diamond. Wrong force, wrong product.

When you ask to grow (which you should and if you haven't then we need to have a talk) expect that you will be uncomfortable. You will not succeed, you will not change, you will not achieve anything without pressure. Know that, except that, embrace that.

You can do what you believed was impossible like getting a softball to the catcher from the back of the center field.

Until next timeā€¦

-šŸŒæ Abigail