I Started Becoming My Dream Woman When...

Instead of becoming more of who the Lord has called us to be, we walk around voluntarily blind living as copies of what we believe a good Godly woman is.

[…]it's not in trying to becoming these women that we admire that we become good women, but it's in when we stop trying to imitate our role models and allow God to encompass all of us (every aspect; nothing hidden) that we truly become woman of valor.

The concept of me not trying to be anyone outside of who I am dawned on me a couple weeks ago. I was looking through some of my own content on my phone. I saw a picture (it's the cover that you clicked on) of me in the ocean staring off into the endless sea and thought, "wow, this woman right here is someone I love. She makes my heart happy."

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I'm Actually Not An Extrovert

Whenever I meet people, typically around the third encounter, I let them in on a secret (well it's not really a secret since I tell many people this and I'm sharing it now with you): I'm actually not as extroverted as I seem. I know, you're probably like what kind of lie is this? Though I'm straight with you, I don't gather my energy from my time spent with others. In fact, it's the opposite, my energy is drained. However, if you met me in public, you wouldn't think that this statement is true. Why? On the outside, I'm anything reserved, but that's what's on the outside.

At first, people used to think it was a show that I'd put on after I confronted them about how my energy is gathered and exerted. Though with time and age comes deeper awareness and maybe, just maybe, the Dalai Lama, Douglas Abrams, and Desmond Tutu have finally explained what I've struggled to communicate effectively to others.

Firmly, I believe that we are all going through. We all face situations that test our inner and outer strength. We all have hurt, and we all want joy and love and acceptance. If I can feel these emotions and want these desires for myself, how much more does each person, each human being, wanting, and desiring?

I would love to keep to myself, refraining from the possibility of being rejected by another human; though what good does that do? If we only associate with those who are of like mind or reach out when it benefits us, then we are no better than those we so call look down upon for being crude.

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A Promise to My First Love

“A man who knows how little he knows is well, a man who knows how much he knows is sick. If, when you see the symptoms, you can tell, Your cure is quick. A sound man knows that sickness makes him sick and before he catches it his cure is quick.”

- Lao Tzu

As the page turns, I desire to stand firm in what the Lord has instilled within my soul. I yearn to dive in deeper with my main man upstairs. Nothing, no gifts or presents or persons would bring me more joy than the Lord. Promises we make to others and for selfishness will not always last. It is the decision we make to live this life for his glory and basque in his grace, mercy, and love that withstand all that life can and will throw at us.

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Has It Ever Cost You?

Have you ever come to a point in your walk with God where the decision that you knew the Holy Spirit was pointing you towards was the unpopular decision?

Have you ever gotten to a point where it wasn't about what you wanted but about being with God all the way?

Has there ever been a point, a moment in your journey with the Lord, where you made a choice that costed you just about everything or something profoundly important to you?

If you haven't, then this post isn't for you. If you have, then please continue to read on.

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You’ve Gotta Give Some to Yourself

“Abigail, you need to forgive yourself.”

I began realizing that it wasn't just in my head, and I started asking:

"How do I forgive myself? What is it that I need to forgive myself for?"

I've come to realize that the reason why I find it easier to forgive others but struggle to forgive myself is due to the standard in which I hold myself to, knowing my potential in contrast to my choices, and trusting myself.

It is in our imperfections that our true beauty and strength lies.

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