Change Your Tone: Speak Gently to Yourself

I was upset, to say the least. I decided to trust the knowledge of the backroads and find every avenue possible to get me to my destination on time. Long story short, I was late, and the emotions came flooding. Frustrated, upset, disappointed, hurt, confused, and helpless. All these emotions were spilling out of me so much that after almost a year of not having panic attacks, one came.

Instead of telling myself, "hey Abigail, you did everything you could do to get this errand done properly and on time," I flooded my thoughts with thoughts like, "why is this happening on a day like today?" Thoughts like, "wow, only on a day that I need things to go right," "I should've done this and that," "she's going to be upset with me because I let her down when she needed me," "she's not going to trust me to get this done ever again," and of course, "I've failed her."

When you mess up, when you fall short in any way, picture your parents (or your favorite parent cause we all know some of us are way too side selective). How would they speak to you? How have they talked to you in the past when you mess up? Imagine that kind, understanding, and loving voice. And if your parents don't do that then do the bonus and imagine how God talks to you.

God knows that you're going to fall short before you do. Remember that while Jesus was on the cross he saw all your mess-ups and still said, forgive them. Jesus knew all too well about your shortcomings and sins, and he always chooses to love you. Now you get to love on you. You get to speak kindness and love and hope into your life. And this is especially important in moments when it's hardest to see the best in you.

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I'm over It: Exclusive Christianity

look at the life Jesus lived. He was selfless in every way possible. Jesus chooses to lay down his life not just on the cross but in his acts leading up to it and afterward. The man wandered from place to place giving back in every way, and despite being rejected and killed, he chooses to continue loving and pouring back into everyone. (Read your Bible people!)

Let me be extra honest with you:

Stop playing Jesus and start listening to Him.

If you judge someone's faith because it doesn't match up with you, you're not representing the Jesus I've read about.

If you say that someone is less of a Christian because they're not of your denomination or practice their faith differently, I don't see my Savior in you.

If you tell me that those who have committed certain sins need to make sacrifices of any kind, I will tell you that my Father is being misrepresented in your practice.

We love because he first loved. We accept because though we don't deserve it, he accepts us. We live because he dies for us. It's grace and love, not laws and religion.

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I Refuse to Apologize




the reason is simple: you're doing something people who haven't allowed themselves to tap into and haven't done yet. (See how I said yet; everyone can get there.)

Ultimately, there is no place for it, and I refuse to apologize for sharing my truths. The world is filled with people who are misplacing their energy by choosing to allow negativity to fill them up. You can't be one of them. I can't be one of them. There's a beautiful light that God placed in each of us, and he wants us to tap into this gift because it's meant to not only glorify him but to heal and empower others.

Be a spiritual cheerleader for everyone. Empower others to be their authentic selves. Let God use your words and your truth to bless all who meet you. By doing so, we are being who Christ asked of us to be. We don't love by only loving those who we get along with but all people. We love by supporting each other. We love by praying for one another. We love by cheering on each other as we continue our journeys on this earth. Be the light that God destined for you to be and don't apologize for it!

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You Knew the Truth, You Had to Sit in the Pain


when one is able to remove themselves from the events outside of themselves and inwardly look at the positive elements of who they are while using said elements to strengthen and recover from any and all battles they are facing.

I am a firm believer when it comes to inner peace and centering oneself through every experience life gives you. I believe that no matter how long it takes for you to overcome internal battles, you should allow yourself to fully grasp all the lessons that are in front of you and soak in everything God is teaching you.

We must allow ourselves to sit in the presence of our pain, confusion, frustration, uncertainty, and everything that bothers us. We must let ourselves honestly feel what (if you're like me) we are afraid to explore. And in the process of doing so, we must allow God to reveal what we have been too scared to see.

I want you to get a message that took me a while to grasp (and I'm still learning this): The pain, hurt, confusion, frustration, and every not so great feeling you are experiencing will never go away until you are able to face it and let God remold it to reveal the truth that it was meant to be.

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I Stopped Looking for Mr. Right Because...

Am I becoming the person that the dream man (or woman) ought to be doing this thing called life with?

I have been focused on making myself the woman that this man I've been praying about ought to be with.

As much as I love dreaming about the future just like any person, I haven't referred to this list for the possibility of who I'm meant to be with but rather who I am meant to be. Confused? I know, let me explain:

I believe that whatever we want for our Mr. Right (or Mrs. Right) to be, we ought to not only be realistic about our desires but ask ourselves:

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