The Misson: You Have Always Been Worth It

You are worth it all. Jesus believes it so much he died in your place. He hadn't physically met you, but he knew what you've been so desperate to validate. You are precious. He said he wanted you, not just some but all of you. Sinful, broken, hurting and all your glory. He believed this so much that he took the bullet for you. He died in your place. He's madly in love with all of who are and guess what? So is his father.

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Stop It! You've Got It Better Than Jesus!

Stop selling yourself to your possessions. Stop prioritizing what distracts you from the beauty of the life God has given you. Start using the opportunities you've been given to empowering others through the love of Christ. Jesus had less and still did more than you and I are currently doing.

Now don’t come after me. Jesus is Jesus. He is and will always be the almighty. This is not in anyway degrading the wonder of the Lord, but instead, I’m reminding you that with so little, the apostles changed the course of the world. If they can, you and I definitely can too!

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A Gift Before It's Time Is a Curse

If you've ever baked chicken before, no matter how great your seasoning is, if you do not allow the chicken to cook in the oven for as long as it's required to, you will have an uncooked chicken which will result in semolina. Though you may recover from that food poisoning, you'll learn going forward to let that chicken bake.

Same goes for your requests to God. He doesn't have to grant them, but just like he said because he is a wonderful Father, he will give you all that is for you. You just have to learn to embrace your gifts when they are cooked and ready to be served to you. Not 20 minutes before, you don't want semolina.

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Loving Yourself Is the Christian Thing to Do

I was scrolling on my Tumblr feed ( yes I still use my, and yes you should create an account just so you can follow me instead of secretly judging me because we both know you want to see what my Tumblr is all about) when I saw this picture (left).

I couldn't just repost this picture. I have to save the image (copyright police already comin' for me; I hear the sirens), print it out, and post it on my mirror. Every time I read this, I think to myself, "wow, how is it convenient to fall in love with another person (being friends or significant others) than it is to fall in love with myself?!"

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Open the Grave and Get out of What I Dug Myself In

I'm not going say that God will swoop down and fix all that is hurting right now. As much as that sounds wonderful, it's not going to teach me anything nor is it going to show me how much I need the Lord. God is the ultimate professor, so I don't expect to get an A first time around in this season. Yes, I do believe that no matter the situation, God does hear His children. At the proper time he has indicated, the Lord does support us in getting out of the messes we personally created.

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Redefining Solitude: Learning to Be Okay with Being Alone

Solitude was what I needed, and even now, I find myself going to that place where it's just Jesus and me. God told me that he would take me away from the people I was comfortable with, especially when I believed I need to be surrounded by these people the most. God was calling me to be alone. He stated that He wanted it just to be him and I. That meant that I wasn't going to be lonely but instead I was going to be alone. Solitude was what God demanded of me.

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