These are a few of my favorite things🎶

Yes, I love the Sound of Music and it's one of my favorite musicals of all time but...that's not what this blog is about. 


I enjoy sharing a lot of experiences with you all and growing with everyone of you guys but recently it hit: aside from my About Me, here isn't much that I've shared directly about who I am and what I like and want to improve about myself. So...*drum roll* here we are! Here are five weird, ratchet (don't tell me mom), and surprising facts about me that not many people (even those in my close circle) don't know.

  1. My love for Rosé wines isn't normal! If it's fruity, sweet and not dry, you can call me and I'll be over with some cheese and crackers!
  2.  My favorites flowers, if you're ever in the market to make my day, are water lilies. They are very difficult to care for and harder to find. However, I've been told by florist that these flowers symbolize beauty, enlightenment, rebirth, and peace which are all a part of who I want to ultimately become.
  3.  I actually didn't accept Jesus until I was 15. ( I cannot wait to share more of this story with you guys soon!)
  4.  Heights! I am terrified of heights and get panic attacks whenever I'm on cliffs after hiking all the way to the top or on rollercoasters. However, I'm never too afraid to talk myself into trying something new and going on a wild adventure!
  5. My favorite color is white. I  had debates about this because white is the absence of color however, according to Anthropologie, H&M, and just about every clothing store, white is a color! Mic drop🎤!

Now just like how you have so many different facts about you that you're either discovering or share later after knowing someone, there are plenty of facts about me that will come in due time. Some are embarrassing, some will shock you, and others will make you question just who is this lady behind these words. 

Until next time ....

- 🌿 Abigail