My Top 9 Favorite Apps For Bloggers 📱

Just like every person is different, every blogger is different. Chances are you’re probably interested in blogging, you are a blogger, or you just want to know what apps are on my phone…(if you’re the latter could you just go to the contact us section and hit me up cause I want to know why).

I have been blogging for about 3 years but I feel like I’ve only just begun. That’s the funny thing about this whole blogging thing. It’s a craft that you’re constantly working on and tweaking because you are growing and changing. Speaking of which, let me give you some background:

I got into blogging because I knew how to design websites (Dreamweaver all day, who’s nerdy enough to agree with me 👋🏾?! ) So since I wrote a lot in my journals growing up and knew a thing or two about websites, I decided well, why not get an online journal? Eventually, this online journal took root and became my newest hobby. I began talking a lot about Jesus…oh, wait if you didn’t know that I was a Christian, then well…surprise😂😅! As the ingredients kept growing, the soup started smelling better. The more I realized that blogging was the craft I wanted to cultivate on my own, the more I realized that this was something I was meant to do. I make so many mistakes and I’m always learning. Why not share it with you all, right?

So after 3 awkward years, I think I finally got this thing…don't quote me on this people! Here are some of my favorite apps to use when I’m editing my graphics and posts. You may be familiar with some of these…or not.

SquareSpace Blog:

So my platform is through Square Space, which I recommend for everyone (I’m not even getting paid for this). The app allows me to jot down ideas here and there when I’m not near a computer. I can also edit my posts before publishing and even view them on a live site. Whatever platform you use I recommend that you check to see if they have something similar if not…welcome to the Square Space Fam!

SquareSpace Analytics

Similar to the blog app, I like to check up on my traffic and see what is generating more clicks. As a blogger this is essential to learn. Analytics helps me break down my SEO and geographic which really comes in hand. I want to always be aware of my audience and my readers so then I can make sure I’m producing content that is interesting to me and them.


I think Canva is probably the oldest app/site I’ve used since I began blogging. Sadly, I don’t always have my laptop with me and not every computer has Photoshop so being able to create graphics on the fly is pretty stressful. Canva makes it easier with different templates and designs already loaded or you can go with your own design from start to end. Canva is typically free but some features are premium and require purchase.


The cats out of the bag (when did it even get in the bag) because this is my favorite app as a blogger! Content is important but being able to design professional graphics is the best thing about WordSwag. From wallpapers to Instagram Stories, it’s got a little bit of everything for someone who needs clean graphics. Though some of the features are premium, which I recommend you actually get because it’s worth it, you can still get away with the free options.


This one is going to cost you but it’s so worth it! I have been using Lightroom since I first picked up a camera and I love it! It was recommended by on the best photographers I know and I cannot get over how amazing it is. Whenever I want to sit down and intricately work on my photos, I use the desktop version but if I’m racing against time for a post and need just a simple tweak, I use the app. There are special rates available for students and those who work for schools or business. Once you start messing around with Lightroom, you’ll understand why it’s worth the hype. If you don’t believe me, try the trial and you’ll see!

SnapSeed (iOS)

Now if you’re looking for something that doesn’t cost you anything monthly, I recommend SnapSeed(Android). You can edit your pictures in whole and still produce some nice pieces. Since it is a photography app, I recommend playing around a couple of times before you submit your first picture.


The enemy of bloggers…writer’s block! The worst feeling is knowing that you haven’t written anything you like and still be stumped. I got BrainSparker earlier this year and I have been using it every month. It’s a great way to just let your creativity run wild. It’s a simple app but a powerful one!


I recently discovered this site and I was more inclined to use it because it’s also in app format! I don’t always have my ducks in a row and that goes for my pictures too. The fact that I can use other artist pictures legally is amazing! UnSplash has given me no room for excuses by providing professional pictures to people like yours truly. Make sure to always give credit to the photographer because that’s their work. (thank @itylernix for the pictures for this post!)


Spell check, grammar check, revisions…these are just some of the things I have to make sure I check, double check, triple check, and even quadruple check before I post anything! I have committed so many grammar crimes that it’s pretty sad I still try and write. Regardless of how short I fall, Grammarly have been my best friend since freshman year of college and I still use it even after college. I don’t always have my friends around to read my work for me and even then, they may miss a couple things here and there. If you ever write anything, get yourself Grammarly!

There are many apps out there to assist you with your blogging journey and creating really great content. I’m still experimenting with some that I haven’t shared here and will update you all when I find something really sticks. Remember, what works for me may not work for you so try some apps out and tell me what you like or didn’t like about it? You could help

Until next time…

- 🌿 Abigail