Dear You,

By sharing with you and bearing my weakness on my sleeves, I hope that these lessons and experiences guide you to not just living your best life (can we stop this phrase? I mean weren't we already living our best life? Do we even have a worst lives?) but being the best version of yourself you could ever be.

To me, only by allowing myself to express all that I am will I be able to embrace and love the beauty of being me. So you can say, blogging is my medication.

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For the Love of Korean Bbq: I Think I Just Fell in Love

For as long as I remember, I would declare to my friends and family that I would probably become a nun (do they even nondenominational nuns? Can someone figure that out for me? I'm going to google it on the side while I talk with yall). I honestly believe this may happen so don't say that I didn't tell yall. I mean come on, I'm over here already married to Jesus and if I could get married it would probably to food so...oh well.

Speaking of food, I have to tell you guys about an obsession I have been hiding from yall…

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How to You Reach Your Health Goals...Successfully

Surprisingly, I reached my goal about without realizing.

I know I sound cliché since there are multitudes of articles and posts on how to lose weight in the new year and how to reach your weight goals. That's why I had to try this method's out firsthand before I started recommending these tips. I will explain how you can get the workout you want on a budget since not all of us can afford private lessons with top notch trainers.

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Pho For The Morning After

One of the most difficult thing that either makes or breaks pho for me is the flavor (which is a must), the portion ratio (especially when I request for a dish that is supposed to be load with meat), the options of sauces, and types of sauced that are available. I think that this is a wonderful place to add to your stops when you’re in Adams Morgan, especially an eventual night 😏.

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Time to Call Myself Out!

Every relationship people covet and claim as wonderful required constant communication. Just as it is important to properly communicate with your SIGNIFICANT other when you’re upset, it is just as imperative to properly understand and interpret the information your actions and thoughts are sending. You can’t do anything correctly if you’re not working properly.

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My Top 9 Favorite Apps For Bloggers 📱

Just like ever person is different, every blogger is different. Chances are you’re probably interested in blogging, you are a blogger, or you just want to know what apps are on my phone…(if you’re the latter could you just go to the contact us section and hit me up cause I want to know why).

I have been blogging for about 3 years but I feel like I’ve only just begun. That’s the funny thing about this whole blogging thing. It’s a craft that you’re constantly working on and tweaking because you are growing and changing. Speaking of which, let me give you some background:

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