The Skin I'm In: Face Edition

One of the most popular questions I get asked is what do I use for my skin. Whether it's through my Instagram, email, or in person, I get this question a lot. And typically when asked, I just say, "oh basic things." But it's time for me to share with you all what those "basic things" are.

It took me a while to find the right regiment for my skincare routine because when I began this journey, I was in middle school. Since then my body has changed and continued to grow just like everyone else. Not every product I use will work on you the same way they work on me and seeing that I'm not a licensed dermatologist, please do speak with a skin care professional on what products and routines work best for you.

Step 1: Epic Cleanser

I typically begin with a simple face wash with the EPIC All-In-One Daily Cleanser. Since I have combination skin, I have been using this to bring by my pH level. This product has quickly become one of my favorite things to recommend for people because it's not made with harsh chemicals, it does everyone a cleanser is expected to do, and I have seen my skin turn back to what it really was before wearing makeup. The CEO of EPIC has been in the beauty industry for years and wanted to create a line for people with all types of skin concerns. After deciding to take a chance and try out this cleanser, I have not gone a day without it! It's always in my suitcase when I'm traveling!


Budget Watch:

I use my Biore Charcoal Acne Clearing Cleanser if I feel like my skin is oilier than usual which happens from time to time. Charcoal has become one of my favorite ingredients in skin care products because it does what it's supposed to do: absorbs oils! Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser is one of the cleansers I use when I'm in a pinch because of how inexpensive it is. I recommend it for anyone who is just beginning their skincare journey.

Step 2: Wipe It All Off!

You can never be too sure of the dirt that is left on your face, so I use First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads after washing my face just to pick up anything left. I love how it is a 3-in-1 kind of product: Exfoliate, Tone, and Brighten. My skin always feels new after using these pad.

Budget Watch:


After wearing makeup all day, I like to use Simple Kind Micellar Face Wipes to remove dirt and makeup before washing my face. I have used so many different face wipes, and I will tell you that they all either burn my eyes when I try to wipe off my eyeshadow, or I break out at some point because of the ingredients inside of them. Simple is my favorite, and I trust them! On the subject of wiping things off, my most recommended toners are...drum roll, please....Thayers Alcohol-Free Lavender Witch Hazel Toner and Fresh Rose Deep Hydrating Toner. Both of these are inexpensive and get the job done!

Step 3: Moisturize & Mattify

This is the weird part: I use a primer for hydration! I know, I know, primers are for before you apply the makeup but even if I'm not going to be wearing makeup on that day,Cover FX Mattifying Primer is my favorite hydrating anti-acne treatment! I don't like how no matter how great a product is good, it'll still clogs up your pores! It makes wearing makeup more of a chore and less fun. I love how it hydrates and controls my oily T-zone. I recommend it over and over again!

Nightly Routine:

I switch out this primer for the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask which helps me wake up to fresh, non-oily skin every day!

Step 4: Hydrate

Every working and college person will tell you that dark circles are a thing and we all collective hate them! We use concealer, masks, and just about everything to hide from the world that we spent all night either studying or adulting. As much as your girl loves her facial masks (I cannot wait to share that post with you all), I don't have time for that on a busy morning! My Andalou Eye Life Cream is my best friend! I don't even know what dark circles are anymore and I'm not exaggerating! It's amazing how something so small and straightforward has literally brought the light back to my face. Plus, you can use it at night too!

There are different products out there, and we are all beautifully made, so it's impossible to tell you exactly which of these products will work for you. And you know me, I refuse to recommend anything that I haven't extensively tried myself. Go to your beautician, Sephora, and your Dermatologist and ask what they would recommend for you. If you have tried any of these products, tell me what you experienced below in the comment section and make sure to keep asking me as many questions as possible, I love hearing from you guys!

Until next time...

- 🌿Abigail

- 🌿Abigail