Mielle Organics: Pomegranate & Honey Review

I love the smell of the Pomegranate & Honey[…] I found that less is more! Don't slab on a lot cause it gets flaky over time. […]I learned that the hard way. So when you use the custard allot for some time. The best part is that the product does define your curls and they are bouncy and shiny.

When I began the journey to becoming a naturalist, I was clueless. I mean, I put Cher to shame, and you would've thought I was her twin if you saw how confused I was as I was sitting on the floor of the Beauty Supply store trying to figure out which shampoo would work best for my hair. As my fingers were about to tap on the fifth YouTube video on my phone, I realized that there was no way I was going to know if a product would work for me until I tested it out. But natural brothers and sisters, you know that there is no I am down for using a product on my hair unless I know I can trust it. Sadly, just because something is natural and sulfate free doesn't mean it is meant for your hair. Someone needs to tweet that in the natural community because five videos later, I still hadn't been told that truth.

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What I Consider Beautiful

I was scared to because women of my skin tone are not considered professionals or even beautiful (that's the past). Some people find it difficult to accept us because we look different. So to have different textured hair is not okay sometimes, but this journey taught me something.

Beauty is defined by me. What I chose to consider beautiful is for me to define. So let me tell you what I choose to consider beautiful after going through this journey.

I'm touching my curls right now guys. These are all mine. Isn't that awesome? This is what I consider beautiful.

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The Skin I'm In: Face Edition

One of the most popular questions I get asked is what do I use for my skin. Whether it's through my Instagram, email, or in person I get this question a lot. And typically when asked, I just say, "oh basic things." But it's time  for me to share with you all what those "basic things" are. Not every product I use may work on you the same way they work on me and seeing that I'm not a licensed dermatologist, please do speak with a skin care professional on what products and routines works best for you. 

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